Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis:


These days, many practices choose to fabricate their own AFO’s and other simpler projects in-house, but elect to outsource more complex or unusual projects.  Bracemasters International’s team of skilled technicians can complete your Plastic KAFO while you continue to run your practice.  Bars in or out, flairs, liners, ankle joints, clamshell fronts; it makes no difference to us as we will build to your specs and in your timeframe.  We can use your supplied components or supply any available component for you.  Our list of options is extensive and we are happy to help engineer any specialized feature for those unusual cases.  Send us your next KAFO; your patient will be glad you did.

  • Options for the KAFO Group Include:

    • Thermo-molded Posting

    • Flare

    • Plantar-flexion Stop

    • Liners

    • Inlay:  Single Layer

    • Inlay:  Double Layer

    • Relief Padding

    • Transfers

    • Crepe Posting

    • Premium Plastic

    • ST-Met Padding

    • Joint Pads- Pair

    • Pad for Strap

    • Plastic Ankle Reinforcement

    • Plastic Calf Reinforcement

    • Ankle Corrugations / Achilles Corrugation

    • Compcore Reinforcement

    • Ventilation Holes

    • Carbon Inserts

    • Custom Strapping

  • Commonly Used Joint Options for Articluated KAFO’s:

    • Tamarack

    • Oklahoma

    • Gaffney

    • Uprights and Inserts

    • Any Currently Available Knee or Ankle Joint

Bracemasters stocks most currently available transfer papers and transfer images.



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