DRAFO Technical Workshop Seminar

The Orthotic and Prosthetic Industry is evolving and utilizing a more holistic approach to patient care and treatment.  New materials and innovative designs are creating an expanding opportunity to focus on a broader range of patient outcomes.  In the past, patient care providers focused more on treatment of the localized area, prescribing braces that primarily force alignment.  Today, we take a more holistic approach focused on the balanced biomechanical functions of the patient’s entire body.  By referencing alignment naturally and relaxing the patient’s body, we are able to improve gait, flexibility, balance and overall symmetry.  The goal is to provide a comprehensive impact to the patient’s mobility and improve their quality of life. 


This is the genesis of our approach to the Dynamic - Response - Ankle-Foot Orthosis (DRAFO) program at Bracemasters International, LLC.  We see the evolution of our industry moving toward an exciting blend of holistic patient care, supported by the most dynamic product development in decades.  We will be sharing the details of this exciting new direction in patient care with many patient care providers as we roll out new DRAFO Technical Workshop Seminars in several key-market locations throughout the country.


The first seminar was conducted in Denver, Colorado with a group of therapists.  After further refining in Minneapolis, MN and at our headquarters in New Berlin, WI, we have finalized our DRAFO Technical Workshop Seminar.  The program will be conducted at several regional conferences and at various other scheduled locations throughout the country during 2014.  The Technical Workshop Seminars are designed to provide CE credit, depending on the time allocated for each session.  A brief outline of the agenda is provided below:


DRAFO Technical Workshop Seminar Outline

  • Welcome and Introduction

  • History and Background

  • Power Point Presentation of Assessment and Casting Process

  • Live Demonstration of Assessment and Casting with Test Subject

  • Power Point Presentation Continues with Product and Processes

  • Power Point Presentation of Fitting Process

  • Live Demonstration of Fitting New DRAFO with Test Subject

  • Power Point Presentation Wrap Up

  • Open Discussion with Questions and Answer Session


This new Technical Workshop Seminar program is focused on bringing fundamental input to various patient care providers about a more holistic approach to evaluation, diagnosis, initial casting or scanning, prescribing devices, final fitting and guiding improved outcomes to enhance patients’ quality of life.  The program is designed to provide continuing education (CE) credits once accreditation is approved.  Please refer to the website frequently for the developing schedule of Seminars across the country.


DRAFO Technical Workshop Seminar Schedule
A holistic approach to enhancing patient mobility and quality of life”